The Gift of a Birthday

Sunday we celebrated.  Our entire family gathered around the littlest Hodson boy to share good wishes, eat cake and open gifts.  Afterwards we did what we always do when we celebrate this Hero’s birthday; we watched his slide show from when he was sooooo tiny and we marveled at how far he’s come.  It’s a magical event, the gift of a birthday.

A little boy opening a birthday gift.

Because we unexpectedly found ourselves having to refinish our dining room table and the poly coat was still drying,  we got to ‘picnic’ on the floor with a hot dog dinner.

A birthday cake

Instead of Parker’s traditional pumpkin pie for his birthday I found myself having to pick up a last minute cake.  I hate store bought cakes.   I freaked out and chose not Parker a taste of the birthday frosting.  The colors on that cake pretty much glowed in the dark, , people.     Parker didn’t seem to mind too much though.  He was too busy loving all the attention.

Geo Track

It’s amazing what the gift of a birthday can do for a Mama’s heart.  The hope it can bring.  The reflection of a year gone by.  The determination to make this next 365 days the best ever.

A little boy with Down syndrome and his sister

Mostly though there’s gratitude.  A deep thankfulness for the blessing of  the gift of a another birthday for a little boy named Parker. May there be many, many, many more.



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