The Flannel Shirt Tradition

My Dad has always loved him a flannel shirt.  They wear like iron.  Get softer the older they get.  And allow you to keep that furnace on a lower setting during the winter.  What’s not to love.

I smiled when Rigel come dashing up from downstairs in HIS flannel shirt, knowing that Parker would also be sporting his flannel shirt on Thanksgiving day as well.

But would their “Happy” (my Dad) be wearing his?


The flannel shirt tradition continues.

Flannel shirts

It’s been a crazy few months here at the Hotel Hodson.  For the first time ever I think I’ve spent more time in doctor’s offices than Parker has.  Nothing major.  Just stuff buggy enough to make life a little less upbeat.  I know that everyone goes through these periods though and that I will come out the other end with a smile.  It just might be a really long tunnel that needs to be traveled through.

I know I need to get back to exercising, but the weather has gotten so cold that walking outside is out of the question. I’ve contemplated a treadmill, but know that isn’t feasible right now.  I may look into the price to walk the track at the local rec center instead.  I believe that there is a HUGE correlation between your health and your outlook on life.

This leads me to ask, what do YOU do to help keep both physically and mentally upbeat when you spend large amounts of time at home, hunkered down to avoid as much sick of the sick season as possible?




  1. Maria Cordner Dec 5, 13
  2. Chris Dec 6, 13
    • Tammy and Parker Dec 6, 13
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