The Family That Waxes Together…..

Take a minute and share your thoughts with my niece.

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The 22 year old is dating an esthetician.  Luckily for the rest of us, she likes to hone her craft on……well, the rest of us!


The 22 year old?  Totally into the whole manscaping thing.

Not an eyebrow out of place is allowed. You’d think that a big 6’3″ hunk of Hodson would laugh in the face of any pain from  waxing, no?


Well, think again.  Look what the 22 year old needed to make it through the experience.


Yeah. We were a little embarrassed for him too.



Even the blue eyed girl wanted in on the fun.

But what do you do when all the brows have been waxed?


Try to tell yourself that your pecs really are bigger than your little sisters.

And in other news……


Guess what we’ve been shopping for?


  1. Chris Mar 10, 11
    • Tammy and Parker Mar 10, 11
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