With all of the hustle and bustle of the day I forgot to take picutres.

Yeah.  Me.  The one with the camera usually glued to her hand.

In the four years Parker’s been part of our family we’ve only had him here for Thanksgiving twice.  My Mom’s homemade cranberry sauce was rocking his world.   Mine too come to think about it.

There is so incredibly much to be Thankful for:

A marriage that has grown from good to amazing.


Our home.

A firm foundation built on Jesus Christ.

The power of prayer.

The reality of miracles.

Elder Hodson’s dedication to serving a honorable mission.  He is making us so very proud.

The support of family and friends, without which I simply don’t know how we would still be keeping it all together.

I grew up hearing the claims of how ‘the Lord works in mysterious ways,’ ‘the Lord takes care of his own,’ ‘trust in the Lord.’

And sure enough, each time Reed and I have found ourselves at the edge of an abyss, staring into the great ‘NOW what are we going to do?‘,  our Father and Heaven has made sure our needs were met.

God trumps insurance companies each and every time.

Thankfulness.  Make mine a double.


  1. Barbara
    Nov 28, 08
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