Tender Mercies

Update: THANK YOU for the love and prayers.

I talked with Reed about an hour ago.  They’ve got Parker up on the trach pod at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Parker’s needing his vent 24/7 in order to keep his sats at a decent level.

The trach pod is a glorious thing.

4 rooms reserved only for those who breathe through little holes in their necks.

To (hopefully) keep them out of the PICU.

Strange as it might sound, I’m so thankful for Parker’s trach.  Because of that little piece of plastic, Parker is able to be on the vent.

The vent makes his very tired and very trashed lungs expand and fill with oxygen.

Without the vent, things would be much harder right now.

They attempted a trach mask run, but Parker’s oxygen levels plummeted.

I was told not to go up to Primary’s.  The risk of infection being too great.

So Reed called in and told his school that he would be doing the hanging out with the Hero.  This is the first time I’ve never been with Parker when he’s been sick.

It is hard.

I’ve been asked several times if Parker received synagis this year.  Unfortunately, our insurance won’t cover it.  And according to Parker’s Pedi, in Utah,  Medicaid  is now basing synagis need on gestational dates.

So the 34 week triplets  born here  could not qualify for synagis.  And, of course, they got RSV.

Today Reed and I have decided that next year we will find some way, some how,  to get these shots for Parker.   It won’t insure that Parker won’t get RSV, but it will help it with being a milder course.

Cost for a three month run of synagis?

$4,500-$5,000 was the number off the top of the Pedi’s head.

I thought it would be even more.

Not exactly chump change though.

Which leads me to wonder, for the zillionth time, what I could do at home to bring in some money.

I never want to find myself in a situation like this morning’s ever again.

The oxygen concentrator at 10 (the highest it will go), my kid’s lips turning blue as he de-sats into oblivion.

I was seconds from calling an ambulance when the Peds office called and Parker’s doctor told me to get him to the local ER where he could be stabilized before a trip up to PCMC.

Did I mention that I was very thankful that we happened to have a nurse here this morning.

Because I was.

And still am.

Reed was told to expect Parker to get worse before he gets better.  But we are really hoping that early this morning was the pinnacle.

Two members of our ward Bishopric drove up to give Parker a blessing.  See, I you that our ward was amazing when it came to Parker.  We are so thankful.

Tender mercies, baby.

Tender mercies.


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