Tamiflu, Puke and Fevers

It started when Reed told me Kenny was staying home from school because she had just puked.  Awesome sauce.  I can’t think of anything I love more than a day of praying everyone’s head winds up in the vicinity of the toilet when their guts come hurling up.

But that’s not all the morning had in store.   I went in to check on Parker and noticed how high his heart rate was (never good) and that he seemed to be in great discomfort.  First things first, I disconnected him from his feeds and then felt his head.  Grabbing the thermometer I confirmed it.  A temperature over 102, along with super thick, pink mucus coming out of his trach.

stomach flu

It was shaping up to be a fine morning, full of Tamiflu, puke and fevers.

When the washing machine decided that a day of dealing with poop and puke was more than it could deal with, I can’t say I was surprised.  This sucker has been on life support for months and months now.  In this house the most used and abused appliance is the washing machine.

Our first washer and dryer came to us used.  It lasted for years and would have lasted longer if I hadn’t insisted on getting a new one in a color that wasn’t harvest gold.  Our second set lasted a long time too.  It was right around our third set that we discovered washing machines these days just aren’t built they way they used to be.  This washing machine is only about 4 years old to begin with.

To make a long day shorter, both Kenny and Parker were tested for influenza and it (thankfully) came back negative. Our nurse wanted to give Parker the dose of Tamiflu to Parker that we were given in case Parker came down with the flu.  I didn’t want to just give it to him unless we knew he had the flu.  All I need to do is overload his liver with a dose of Tamiflu and it’s not even the flu that he has.  (H1N1 has already been seen here in Utah this year.)

We’ll keep an eye out for strep with the blue eyed girl, and hope the pink crap coming up from Parker’s trach doesn’t get any worse.  It’s been a few years since Parker has spent Christmas in the hospital, and I’d prefer to keep it that way.


I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be back to doing our unmentionables by hand in the bathtub (yes, I HAVE done that, lol) and then taking the bigger stuff to the laundry mat.  I hate doing my laundry in public laundromats…..it kind of gives me the heebies.  But, you do what you’ve got to do until you can save up enough to get a washer that works and might be of good enough quality to actually last awhile.

You do what you’ve got to do.  And you’re stronger for the challenge.

PS:  Watching this  helped to bring the true meaning of Christmas into our home.  I LOVE when I have the opportunity to remember what Christmas is truly about.  I encourage you to watch/listen to it if you are feeling the need of a bit of holiday cheer.


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