Take Two Mintues. Save 100 Lives

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Parker and I are at 5 Minutes For Special Needs talking about a simple and totally free way to help children with Down syndrome find forever homes.

This would be children with Down syndrome currently living in orphanages in countries around the world.

Children who, if by the time turn three, haven’t found forever families, will spend the rest of their lives in mental institutions and worse.

Time is running out.

When I see pictures of these beautiful children, I can’t help but think of Parker.

And the reality that if Parker had been born in another place, a kid with Down syndrome, ostomy bags, a trach, etc., his odds of being adopted, or even receiving proper medical care would have been zip.



I am so grateful that Parker is ours. That my Father in Heaven trusted me enough to be his Mom. That this kid of mine will be loved. Forever.

And I pray that these other kids will be given a family to love them forever too.

So go. Read. And take those two minutes, won’t you please?


  1. Denise Aug 28, 08
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