Take THAT Pulmonary Hypertension

A certain Hero of the Brave kind has been driving us a bit nuts the last few days.  Maybe it’s the weather, or the phase of the moon, but Parker has been moving at the speed of light with a never ending quarter added.  In my mind I can almost hear it; “Boom!”  “Smack!”  “KaPow!”  “Take THAT Pulmonary Hypertension!”

No, Parker hasn’t been declared cured.  That’s not in the cards. Pulmonary Hypertension will always be a part of his life.  However the extreme activeness of this kid of mine gives me hope. Hope that this damned disease isn’t getting worse.  Hope that the next right heart cath won’t throw me into the depths of despair.

A little boy with Down syndrome

Today it was warm enough and the air quality was decent enough that we took Parker for a walk.  Not in his stroller.  Not in his wagon.  But on his feet, making his own way on his own steam.

A little boy with down syndrome and pulmonary hypertension

It used to be that I’d hold Parker’s hand as we made our way around the neighborhood.  Not anymore.  This kid has places to be and people to see, along with a very strong will of his own.

Today Parker walked and he walked and he walked.  Yes, there were a couple of times when the walking slowed down a bit, but he went around our neighborhood THREE times.  That’s 3/4 of a mile.  I know perfectly healthy kids with Down syndrome that would call it quits before they traveled that far on foot.

We checked all the things that needed to be checked, heart rate, lip color, and oxygen sats. They were all good.  Really good.  After walking at an impressive pace for 3/4 of a mile for the first time this season.  He did come back in and rest for about 5 minutes then was right back up and going strong.  So much for wearing him out enough to take a nap.

A little boy with pulmonary hypertension

Maybe that doesn’t make it high on your list of things that totally amaze.  It sure makes mine.  Especially considering that this was a kid nobody thought would make it to his first birthday.

A little boy with down syndrome and pulmonary hypertension going on a walk

We’ve been so blessed.  We recognize each and every gift that has come from our Father in Heaven.  Miracles are real.  It is my prayer that there are still a few Miracles out there with Parker’s name on them. With your prayers and God’s will, hopefully my son will be allowed to be with us for a very, very long time.


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