Swagbucks, Lakeshore Learning, Discount School Suppy, Vita-Mix and More!

First THANK YOU for all of the amazing ideas as to how to come up with some vocab flashcards for our Brave Hero!  You guys ROCKED!

We don’t have a color printer.  We sold the one we had to:

a) help with Parker’s medical needs

b) well, we couldn’t afford the color ink.  holy smokes that stuff is beyond pricey.

But I will keep the whole google images thing in mind.  Cause one day I am hoping to maybe be able to snag one of the new Kodak printers that uses the much less expensive ink.

I did however discover these: Building Language Photo Library

(thanks, Chris!)


These are a third of the price of the others……although still spendy.

But they have the simple backgrounds that are so hard to find and have accompanying card showing the word. Which is totally perfect for our needs.

I don’t order from Lakeshore because I really love Discount School Supply so much.

(BTW, stayed tuned for an AMAZING giveaway being hosted on Parker’s blog by Discount School Supply!)

But these are really great for Parker’s needs and my Mom offered to order the first box (Lakeshore carries several) for our resident pre-schooler.

Many of you emailed this week asking where our paypal donation button went to. Reed and I made the decision to take it down. So many families are struggling these days.

Instead we decided to replace it with spots where businesses could rent space for ads. Got an Etsy business you’d like to advertise? Or even a website you’d like to direct more traffic to? Got any friends looking for low cost advertising?

We’ve got the advertising space for you to rent. Any revenue goes directly to Parker’s needs.

Or if you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks yet…..signing up under me and Parker would be such a blessing! We’ve been able to earn enough points via Swagbucks to purchase gift certificates from Amazon that we have been able to apply towards such exciting items at vet wrap that we use instead of coban for Parker since it is A DOLLAR CHEAPER A ROLL.

You can sign up for Swagbucks under us simply by clicking on this link:

I wanna sign up for Swagbucks under Parker!

It’s fast, free and best of all legit. AND if you download the toolbar you’ll get inside info for free swagbuck codes too! And anything swagbucks you earn….WE earn too.

However if there is anyone who absolutely, positively wanting to donate to Parker’s fund, you can email me at hods5mom@aol.com and we’ll chat. Although I’m making no promises. ;D

I have so much to share with you about pres-chooling a child with special needs. I’m loving it! And I’d love to share with you what we are doing!

But for now I’m frantically canning all kinds of goodness as well as putting meals from our organic garden in the freezer for Parker!



Today’s harvest. The squash gets cooked in the oven……


Then while still warm from the oven I add it to our new Vita-Mix along with either some butter, olive oil or coconut oil.  The Vita-Mix is compliments of Parker’s buds Kei and Robert……..and Vita-Mix!


We have used it every single day to make g-tube friendly food for Parky.  Blesseded  doesn’t begin to cover how we feel.


Here I roasted some organic carrots from my parent’s garden along with a head of organic califlower drizzled in olive oil and sprinkled with Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning.

Parker wolfs this down.


These are Danson plums from my neighbors tree. I put them in the oven long enough to loosen up the skins and make the seeds easier to remove.

Then I popped them into the Vita-Mix, whizzed them up, and poured everything into ice cube trays to freeze for future meals!

I’m also about to embark on making my own whole milk yogurt for Parker. Not only do I like knowing exactly what is going into Parker’s food, the money I’m saving is totally worth the effort.

Talk later!


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