Stories My Mom Tells…..

There’s a story my Mom tells.  It’s about one of her and my Dad’s very first Christmas seasons together.


Neither my Mom nor my Dad came from rich digs.

My Dad was raised in an orphanage.

My Mom was the child of a single Mom who had dropped out of school in the third grade to help support her family.

My parents had saved all year for this Christmas.  A brand new NCO those days barely made enough to feed themselves, so you know what care it took to have money left at the end of the month to save for Christmas.


The Big Day was getting closer.  The excitement was mounting.  My Dad was feeling so very proud at the thought of being able to provide Christmas for his little family.


Yeah.  In these stories there is always the except. It’s kinda what makes the story, iykwim.

In my Mom’s story the except comes in the form of tires.  On their only car.  The car my Dad needed to get to work.  The used tires that just happened to cost the exact amount they had set back for Christmas.

My Mom says it’s the only time she ever saw my Dad cry.   He wanted that Christmas so badly.  If nothing else than for the fact that he could prove that a kid from an orphanage could indeed provide for his family.

There weren’t any of the typical gifts that year.  But there were new (to them) tires for the car that took my Dad back and forth to BOTH of the jobs he worked.

And the knowledge that if they worked together everything would turn out okay in the end.

That’s how I feel things have been for our family the last few years.  Regardless of how we plan, life often writes it’s own script for you.   Sometimes you end up better off in the re-write, sometimes not.

But regardless of the things we can’t control, facing it together is what matters most.

It’s what guarantees that everything will work out in the end.


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