Stomach Flu 2010

Maybe we were a little too excited about how well Parker came out of surgery and bringing our Hero home.

The gagging and wretching started on the ride home.  We chalked it up to nausea from the anesthesia.

But by the next day we knew the flu had made it’s way to the Hodson house.

For a kid with a Nissen the stomach flu is rough.  You can’t throw up.  And each time you start gagging your Mom kinda sorta freaks  and pulls every ounce of your stomach contents out through that little hole in your belly.

Thanks heavens for Zofran.

Other than a symphony of puking brothers and sisters, recovery from Parker’s surgery has so far been uneventful.  We go back in 4-6 weeks to see if the outcome is what we hoped it would be.

Keep your fingers crossed?

PS: The lack of pictures from last week?  You’re welcome.  heh.


  1. Heather
    Dec 13, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Dec 13, 10
  2. Chris Dec 13, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Dec 13, 10
  3. Awesome Mom Dec 13, 10
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