Sticks and stones….I don’t care what the rhyme says, words DO hurt.



Sticks and stones……I don’t care what the rhyme says, words do hurt.  Especially a word, when used, demeans another human being.

Take the r-word for example.  A word that rolls off of so many tongues so easily, so carelessly, so thinking it’s funny.

It’s not.

Using the r-word reinforces  negative sterotypes about people with intellectual disabilities.  It promotes a false consensus that beautiful souls like Parker are ‘less than’ their typical peers, and therefore okay to treat differently.  To the point of denying  life for the 90% of those prenatally diagnosed with an extra chromosome.

The people over at Spread the word to end the word, get it.    They’ve been inviting people to pledge to remove the r-word from their vocabulary.

Don’t think the r-word is that big of a deal?   Not used often enough to make a difference?  Parker and I beg to differ.

You can go HERE and enter your favorite website addys and discover just how many times the r-word shows up within the pages of that blog.

Since the r-word counter has been up to September 7, 2012 people on the World Wide Web have used the r-word 338,032 times.

338,032 insults.  338,032 times a person with intellectual disabilities has been demeaned.  338,032 people showing their ignorance towards the feelings of those who can’t stand up for themselves.

Make a difference.  Take the PLEDGE.




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