Spring Cleaning and Bridal Showers

It was as good a reason to get serious as any about my Spring cleaning.

My oldest baby, Bailey Ann, is getting married.  And my Mom wanted to host Bailey’s ‘old lady’ bridal shower here at my house. ( ‘Old Lady‘ shower verses ‘Friend’ shower where the edible underwear rules……..hee,hee.)

A bathroom painted, carpets and couches scrubbed.  New curtain rods hung, and windows washed.

A couple dozen Mr. Clean Magic erasers (the knock off brand from Wally’s) later and we were ready to rock and roll.


The house was filled to the brim with friends, family, and family-to-be.


Yea! A set of mixing bowls. No more having to make brownies in the pan.


And there’s the Blue Eyed Girl providing the complementary bunny ears in the background. heh.


Bailey’s colors are green apple and plum. She received many gifts (knives, place mats, kitchen tools, aprons, cook books, measuring spoons, can openers, cute stuff as well as gift certificates from Bed, Bath and Beyond, a beautiful mantel clock, mixer and popcorn maker) lots of items in her fun colors!


LOTS of pantry staples. Including favorite recipes and food storage items! The newlyweds will be off to a grand start!


Wedding Bears from her little sisters!

I should have taken LOTS more pictures. But my heart was too focused on my beautiful girl and the fact that she will soon be leaving my nest to create her own.


Chicken salad sandwiches, jello salad and cupcakes from this DIPPIDEES! This is the same place that is creating Bailey’s very unique wedding cake! We LOVE Dippidees!

And did I mention that I made the cake stands all by myself! With just a wee bit of help from Hobby Lobby and their online 50% coupons! Woot!


And because no party is complete without a favor to send home with your guests…..we made these!

Fun times like these almost make having my beautiful girl’s growing up bearable.


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