Special needs student raped in school bathroom.

A Jackson, Mississippi mother claims that her daughter was raped in a Callaway High School bathroom stall while classes were in session.    A special needs student raped in a school bathroom.  What is wrong with this world?

She said she screamed. She cried,” the mother said of her daughter, who has Down syndrome. “She came out of the bathroom and her pants were unbuckled. Students saw her.

According to the police incident report, two other students escorted the 16 year old girl to the restroom and then left her alone inside.  The victim claims a 19 year old boy was hiding inside a stall in the same bathroom.

The mother wasn’t notified about this situation by the school OR the police department.  Nope.  Instead it was the students who came to detail the course of events last week.  Events where backed up with evidence from doctors the University of Mississippi Medical Center confirmed the daughter’s rape accusation

Watch the video HERE.

Jackson Public School officials said the district is ‘vigorously investigating the situation.’  Alas, Jackson Public School officials have yet to even respond to the mother even after reports were filed.

Your tax dollars at work, people.  Your tax dollars at work.

The mother wants JPS to fire the teachers accountable for watching her daughter?

Too harsh of a punishment?

Actually, I’m not so sure.  As a former school teacher, it was made very clear to me that if I stepped out of a classroom and a child was hurt, I was indeed responsible for what transpired.

Did the students taking this victim to the restroom know the alleged rapist was lying in wait?   Did the teachers not notice how long their student was gone and go looking?

One of the biggest fears of any parent of a child with an intellectual delay is that their child will be sexually abused.  Add in a child who may not have the ability to verbally describe the exact details and the pressure goes up exponentially.

Two years ago I wrote about the prevention of sexual abuse of children with special needs.  Being the mother of a son with special needs doesn’t make Parker any safer either.  Sexual abuse is not a respecter of gender.

Let’s face it.  Where there are the innocent, the weakest, those who’s nature is to trust,  there also you will find those lying in wait, in this case in the stall of a girl’s high school bathroom waiting to take advantage.

Read more: http://www.wapt.com/news/central-mississippi/jackson/mother-special-needs-daughter-raped-in-school-bathroom/-/9156912/22446966/-/6yo3t5/-/index.html#ixzz2i1JRhlJu

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