Special Needs on a Frugal Budget

Special Needs.  Medical Needs.  One Income.  Can it be done?  The biggest factors that will determine your success?  Your attitude.  Your willingness to be efficient with your time.  Your determination to ‘make it do, or do with out,’  in order to life a life of special needs on a frugal budget a viable option.


Before Parker I had always done something to help bring in income.  Teaching classes.  A soap business.  Answering phones.  A preschool in my home.  After Parker any attempts to bring in extra money and keep this kid alive simply proved to be unwise.  Taking your eye off this kid for even the shortest of time can prove a disaster.

Instead, I’ve learned that by sticking to a frugal budget, thinking outside of the box, and spending time planning, I can make it work on one income……..most of the time, at least.  As time goes on, and as my skills get sharper, I hope to make living with special needs on a frugal budget, a lifestyle of choice rather than necessity.

Once a week my plan is to share my frugal successes and goals here on Parker’s blog.  I think many of us who have medically fragile kids with special needs are in the same boat.  Let’s inspire each other and share our victories, what we’ve learned, and our goals for the week.

Please feel free to leave a link in the comments to YOUR blog post on your frugal doin’s, so I can learn too!

My frugal victories for last week included:

winter squash for a blenderized diet
Harvested winter squash for Parker’s blenderized diet. 

winter squash for a blenderized diet
Golden Hubbard Squash

tomato plants
I picked what felt like 90 million tomatoes that finally decided to come on in October.

dehydrated foods with an excaliber dehydrator
Dehydrated zucchini and peaches.

So.  I’ve shown you mine, time to show me YOUR frugal victories!

PS:  I’ve created a Pinterest Board Special Needs on a Frugal Budget.  If you would like to contribute to this board just shoot me a message on Pinterest and I’ll add you.  You can link up all of YOUR frugal living posts too!


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