Special Needs Homeschooling

Special needs homeschooling in our family came about because of the fragility of Parker’s health.  Sending him to school for two days turned into two weeks of being sick.  Then the whooping cough outbreaks began.  Plain and simple, a case of whooping cough would kill Parker.  And, yes, we do vaccinate, but unless everyone chooses to vaccinate it ain’t gonna be as helpful.

Homeschooling, especially special needs homeschooling, isn’t easy.  I’ve finally come to the realization that you can home school well and have a pretty clean house, OR  you can do an okay job at homeschooling and have a home that is always well cleaned.  You can also have a maid or a mental breakdown, but those aren’t the norm.

I haven’t been writing much lately.  I thought that by walking away from this blog and my other social media interests that I’d find more time to home school this beautiful kid of mine.

Funny, it hasn’t worked out that way.

Homeschooling is a state of mind.  Even if you have absolutely nothing else to do the entire day, you can still find a way to avoid educating your child  at home.  You may even find yourself going back to bed as soon as the nurse arrives and sleeping in until mid-morning.


Pandora Camera Charm

For Christmas my Mom gave me this charm bracelet and charm.  The charm is a camera to remind me that it’s okay to still do what I love while working to keep Parker alive. 

No doubt I needed the break.   There’s also the BIG doubt that I  have anything else to share.  I recognized a long time ago that I wasn’t going to be one of the stand out bloggers of the internets.  As long as what I had to say had people who benefited from it, I was happy. I’m a teacher at heart, and in a way this website has been my classroom where I share what I’ve discovered with those searching for the same thing.

I have received a LOT of emails since I’ve all but stopped blogging.  Many telling me how much they missed stopping by and sharing in Parker.    I haven’t answered many of these emails because I haven’t been sure what to say.  While I’m reigning in my demons, I have yet to overcome them.  It’s a process.  I really looong one.   Funny how it’s the process that is turning out to be what makes me the stronger person.

I keep coming back to the note I’m about to share.  I’m changing up names as to protect the identity of it’s author.  Not everyone is as willing to share their hearts with people they don’t know as I have:


  I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to touch base and thank you for sharing your story and your special needs home schooling tips.
  I have a (almost) 11-year old son named Paul who has autism. When I was pregnant with him, it was my desire to home school him, but when his special needs became apparent, I let go of that thinking he needed to be in a special school (which is he still currently).

Yours is the very first site I’ve seen that discusses home schooling a special needs child and I give you kudos for both doing it and for sharing about it for the rest of us warrior moms who need to read that it can be done.
   I’m a Christian very dedicated to my faith and I’m so thankful for my Paul.  I’ve learned more from him than I think he will ever learn from me.  Unconditional love, trust, trusting the Lord and so much more.  I know none of this took Him by surprise and He has a plan. I’ve learned to be Paul mommy one day at a time.
  God bless you and Parker!

It was after I read this that it hit me.  Maybe it wasn’t others who need to read what I write, but me who needs to read what others write on topics that I bring up here on Praying for Parker.

So as Parker and I tentatively stick our toes back into the blogging waters, I hope some of our old friends will join us.  Not because my writing is anything special, but instead to give each other support and friendship and prayers.  Lots and lots of prayers.  I’m a huge believer in miracles, don’t you know.  Praying for Parker is all about miracles…. not just for my kid, but for yours too.

Together I think we could really make a difference.

What do you say?

PS:  I have a give away coming up!  Have you heard of Liquid Hope?  A shelf stable blenderized real food formula?  I’ll be reviewing it and giving some away.  But FIRST, I’ll be taking it with me to a dietician strong in the craft of blenderized foods to get HER take.



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