Sometimes It’s Hard.

There are parents of kids out there that look at me and decide that I must be some sort of fraudulent imitation of a real special needs parent.

Cause, I don’t view Parker’s life as being as devastating as I should.

Yeah.  They view me as being suspect because I’m not as angry as they are.

What can I say?

On this blog I try to show that Parker is really more like a typical kid than he is different.

And that there is life, (a really, really, really good life) after special needs.

But sometimes, it is hard.

Right Heart Caths have taken years off of my life.  I’m a total nut case before and looong after.

I’m not sure our finances will ever be the same.

My Dial of Worry is always set to sky high.

I often look at bloggers who travel to all sorts of incredible venues where they are then able to meet other bloggers and learn from each other.

I wasn’t even able to meet my commitment to speak at a conference held here in Utah.

Parker’s health was shaky (remember The Great Tobi Race?) and I barely had what it took to tend to Parker’s needs and shower daily, how was I actually going to be able to stand in front of other bloggers and be coherent?

Once upon a time my life plan included me with my name appearing at the top of a master’s degree.

I had a friend that was sure I would one day be famous.

I’d settle for having the time to volunteer more often. Spend more time trying to make a difference.

I miss teaching. I not only love it, I’m good at it.

And while I know, deep in my heart, that being at home with Parker is the right thing for me,

sometimes it’s hard.


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