Snow Painting

It happened.  Finally.  It snowed.  Snow.  Finally

Not so much as to be a hassle.  Not too little to notice.

Just enough.


Snow used to be a sensory nightmare for a certain Brave Hero. It’s better now. Except that gloves aren’t tolerated. Even if hands are cold to the verge of frozen. Instead my littlest of Hodson boys will raise his hands to me, my cue to wrap his hands in mine…..warmth without the sensory issues of gloves.


We stopped to visit the trees.


Then we painted. Yup. Painted. I purchased these sprayers and liquid water color from Discount School Supply. The sprayers are amazing because even not so strong hands can pull the trigger and get results. The liquid water colors are amazing because they don’t stain.


We didn’t do anything fancy. We simply sprayed. Oh, the look on Parker’s face when he realized that magic could be performed at the mere pull of a spray bottle’s trigger.

I have visions of a snowman with his accessories painted on. But not an everyday, boring white snowman. Nope. Real Heroes paint their snowmen pink, right?


Hopefully there will be a day with enough snow to go sledding. This boy of mine has adventure written all over his heart.


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