You Betcha

Parker is cycling through sinus infections like crazy. His sinus’ are ‘man-made’ by his ENT. Parker’s ENT had to go up into his nasal cavity and actually remove both bone and tissue to create passage-ways. Ugh. While they are better than having none, they don’t work nearly as well as if he had been born with them.

So he gets sick, goes on several rounds of antibiotics, gets better for about a week and then gets sick again.

He is one miserable little guy.

We took him to the After Hours clinic on Monday where we saw yet another Pedi who hadn’t even bothered to read his chart. We filled her in on everything, including the fact that nothing less than a 30 day round of Omnicef was going to put a dent in this infection.

We left with a script for Amoxicillian. Yeah. THAT’s working. You BETCHA.

So today when Parker’s temp reached 102.3, I called the office of Parker’s ENT for the FIFTH time and left the FIFTH message explaining the situation.

I’m still waiting for the ENT’s office to call back. Yeah. THAT’s gonna happen tonight. You BETCHA.

So, I just called the After Hours clinic that we visited on Monday. I’m waiting for a return call from the After Hours nurse. There’s a very likely chance that they will want us to come in AGAIN, pay $25.00 AGAIN, for them to write for an antibiotic AGAIN. Hopefully one that works.

We just went through this exact same process less than two weeks ago. In the month of May alone we have paid almost $300.00 in co-pays for ANTIBIOTICS alone. That doesn’t include the $25.00 a pop co-pay, which so far this month we have forked out $125.00 as of last Monday.

But, hey. We don’t need to eat. So what if our bank account is on total EMPTY and we just got paid… I can scrimp yet another month’s worth of meals from a rapidly emptying food storage room.

Yeah, THAT’s gonna work. You Betcha.

This poor kid. He deserves a break. His heart rate is climbing, his O2 levels are dropping. This is where Parker’s Pulmonary Hypertension starts heading back up to life threatening levels. The scene is being set for another trip back up to the PICU at PCMC.

I’m trying to keep a positive outlook. You know, try not to worry about Parker’s health. Try not to worry about how we are going to pay the bills. Try not to focus on the ache in my heart.

And like THAT’s really working.


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