Simply Soap

Parker has been having some kind of dry skin crud showing up in his knees, and elbows. My kids are known for funky skin issues……..they get if from their dad. Sigh. I have tried every retail product I could think of to help with Parker’s scaley spots. NOTHING was helping and quite a bit was making it worse. Then I remembered my friend Carol who owns Simply Soap.

Carol makes soap from SCRATCH. And we are NOT talking your great grandma’s soap either. Carol takes specialty oils and exotic butters mixes them with herbs, infuses them with teas, adds a little goat’s milk here, a little ground oatmeal there, a natural skin loving clay or perhaps some natural seeds for exfoliation…….puts everything through a process known as saponification which includes some special murmurings and chants of the soapmaker and creates ‘Handmade Old World Style Soap with the Earth’s Best Ingredients.’ 

Two of the soaps that Carol sent Parker are: Roobios Tea Soap that is enriched with Rooibos Tea of Africa and Virgin Shea Butter! She added esential oils of Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Tangerine. 

Goatmeal Butter Bar that is a mix of 50% SHEA BUTTER and 50% OLIVE OIL. She uses goatmilk in this bar and a bit of finely ground oats. For the soul inspiring scent she added Bois De Rosewood, along with Tangerine and Lavender essential oils. May I just say, “Neener, Neener, I have these bars right here in front of me and you don’t.” 

Okay. Skip that. Let me just tell you about the Goatmeal Butter Bar that Parker is packing in his little tub right now: It is AWESOME! Parker’s skin is so incredibly soft and creamy feeling after using this soap. Even Reed was impressed. It is all I can to to keep myself from swiping this bar and stashing it in my shower for an early morning luxury. Parker will keep using this bar until it is gone……and that will be awhile. I am actually keeping notes so that I can select the very best bar for his skin. These are just two of Carol’s all NATURAL line of soaps. She has a huge selection. And the soaps are so much more impressive in real life than my very poor camera skills reflect. 

BUT!If you are more of a Fun and Funky kinda bather, Carol has a huge line of soaps for you too! These soaps are still made with and all natural base, but use fragrance oils and man made colorants instead of essential oils and all natural colorants such as tea, etc. May I humbly suggest her Nectar Bar and her Monkey Bar. You can thank me for these suggestions later. Carol is also unveiling a line of soaps that reflect her love of The Fairy Folk and all things magical. You won’t want to miss it! 

Simply Soap makes GREAT gifts for teacher, therapists, friends, neighbors, etc. This is a gift that will be appreciated and more importantly USED! 

When you drop by to visit Simply Soap tell Carol that Parker sent yah, okay?

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