Simply Preparing

Parker and I are over at Simply Preparing today talking about pressure canners for canning  fruits, veggies, meats, etc.  No longer is canning just for the summer and fall months.  You can work on filling your pantry with healthy, inexpensive food all year long.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, wouldn’t it be amazing to have quarts of your own homemade soup ready to heat up for a quick lunch or dinner for your family?




In another week or so, potatoes will be super cheap at all the grocery stores.  You can store potatoes long term raw, or you can store them for the long term by canning them in a pressure canner.   Having canned potatoes in your pantry is a great short cut for making homemade mashed potatoes.

These are just a few ideas for year round canning opportunities.  Check out our post on Simply Preparing for more information and links!


*Graphic by my sweet friend, Barb, who’s talent in this area far exceeds mine! 



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