Parker decided that last night would be a great night to sport a fever of over 103. And if that wasn’t enough, he figured throwing in a sky high heart rate would really sweeten the deal.

Poor Reed. He was on Parker Patrol last night. And was up All. Night. Long.

He’s having a better day. But last night was rough.

Two of Parker’s older siblings are also sick with fevers and sore throats.


Sharing the love….and germs.

Luckily we had been given a powered antibiotic that we just needed to add water to for just this kind of situation. So we started him on that. Our local emergency room takes one look at Parker and tells us to head up to PCMC’s emergency room. Uh. Thanks, but no thanks.

Tomorrow we will be sending Rigel and Kensley down for strep tests. Parker has an appointment with his ENT tomorrow anyway so we will fill him in on the details and see if we need to make any changes.

On Tuesday Parker has an appointment to see his surgeon to schedule his first PSARP surgery. I won’t even go into details as to what will be done to Parker’s poor little tush. It makes me want to bawl. I remember literally gasping when I was first shown pictures of what his bottom would look like after surgery.

I know his surgeon will want to schedule it ASAP, but first Reed and I have to figure out how to pay for the gas for several trips up and back, plus the expenses of having me stay up there for a week.

I am hoping that if I bring up some fresh fruits and veggies and stove popped pop corn, that will help me stay within my WW points each day. It is going to take until October/November to even come close to making goal, so I don’t want to set that back even longer.

But as rotten of an experience it is for me to do a stay at Primary’s, it won’t be anywhere near as miserable as it will be for Parker. This is an awful procedure for a kid to have to go through. Plus there are about 8 weeks of dilations after his tush heals. And the surgery after this one will most likely be worse. My heart hurts for our Brave Hero.

I’d like to try and stockpile some new and fun things for him to do while he is healing. (This is going to be a long healing process.) Books, Sesame Street DVD’s, Signing Time DVD’s etc. Maybe a new drum for him rock out on. He loves making Mom nuts with his ‘music’. oy!

I was hoping that yard sale season would have stared before this surgery so that I could have scored a few fun things for him that way, but the timing is going to be off. Our thrift shops here stink. And, I don’t know about you, but Ebay isn’t what it used to be either.

Maybe Criagslist? Or then again there is always Grandma. :)

But I’ll figure out something. Cause, you know, I’m the Momma and it’s my job.


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