Siblings and kids with special needs.

They’d been planning this for the longest time, my Blue-Eyed Girl and Parker.  Halloween would find her as Batman, and her little brother, Robin.  Kind of fitting considering the Brave Hero theme that runs through our lives.  Looking deeper, you’ll find more.  A big sister’s commitment to always protect and defend and stand beside.  Working together they show the importance of siblings for kids with special needs.

siblings and kids with special needs

This Dynamic Duo made their way to Parker’s Halloween class party on Friday.  They crafted, danced and even tasted the tiniest bit of frosting.   I noticed Parker as he kept turning to Kensley for reassurance that he was navigating the festivities properly.  At just the right times Kensley encouraged her Robin to widen his comfort zone.  She also recognized when the stimulation was starting to overload and quietly moved in to reassure.

parker and his sister

siblings and special needs

As an only child, this relationship between siblings has always intrigued me.  One minute they can be fighting over absolutely nothing, and the next minute defending each other to the death.   I’ve always hoped that my kids would grow up and be close.  I never had extended family around when I was growing up, and I hoped that my grand babies would have cousins by their sides, navigating the world together.  I’ve hoped that my kids would want to hang out together as adults, still know that no matter what there would always be someone that had their back.

parker's siblings

So far, so good I think.  Especially considering how my older kids can still be counted on to love, support, hang out with, and set the example for the littlest Hodson boy in our family.  Nothing brings a bigger smile to Parker’s face then when a sibling or two comes through our front door.  Especially if when the next time that door opens, Parker is heading out with them on a new grand adventure.

What role do the siblings in the life of your child with special needs play? 

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