Showing Pulmonary Hypertension Who’s Boss

Every year Highland Elementary has a Hawk Walk.  The kids ask friends and family to donate a certain amount per lap they walk and that is the only fundraiser for the entire year at our school.  Usually Parker is sick when it’s Hawk Walk time.  But this year?  This year was Parker’s year to not only walk at the Hawk Walk, but he also spent the time showing Pulmonary Hypertension Who’s Boss.

A little boy with Down syndrome walking with friends.

Each lap was 1/6 of a mile, and Parker made it around 5 times.  He would have easily made it around a 6th time, but the event ended before he could get that last lap in.  But if you consider where we parked and how far he had to get to the North field at Highland Elementary, I’d say he walked way over a mile in that period of time.  Brave Heroindeed.

A little boy with Down syndrome.

Showing Pulmonary Hypertension Who’s Boss.

He did take a quick break about half way through.   Just as soon as he sat down he was right back up wanting to participate again.

A little boy with special needs sitting in the grass.

I loved how many kids wanted to walk with our Brave Hero.  Being the Principal’s kid has made Parker well known at Highland Elementary, plus the kids in our neighborhood love him too.

There was a gentleman there who I’m sure was somebody’s Grandpa.  He was cheering on ALL of the kids, but he made an especially big deal as all the kids with Special Needs walked by.  I kinda fell in love with the way this guy was working to make my kid and so many others feel like Super Stars.

Will you think I’m a sucker if I tell you that watching this kid of mine walk around the laps just like every other kid made me cry more than a few tears?  It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t know if he’d make it another day, much less showing off his Boss skills.

My kid.  Showing great courage and determination since 2004.

How does your child show their courage and determination?  Do you ever find yourself shedding a few tears of joy as they show the world who’s Boss?



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