Shhh….. Brave Hero Sleeping

It is obvious that Parker is getting much better rest since we upped his trach size and changed out his old vent for his new one.

One way we see the difference is in Parker’s energy levels. Parker has developed a grand new set of cruising skills. As long as he has something (or someone) to hold on to, this child is on the move.

One of his favorite places to sport his new skills is around our dining room table. He goes from chair to chair around the table until he tires himself totally out.


Oh, how I wish I knew what sweet dreams he was having.


How I love this kid. And his ability to fall asleep anywhere.

You can also find us over at 5 Minutes For Special Needs today. I’m sharing some info on both McCain’s and Obama’s health care plans for persons with special needs.

So go over and read on the link I include in that post.

And then let me know who YOU think will help us keep our Brave Hero alive.


  1. Laurie Oct 22, 08
  2. Sarah Oct 22, 08
  3. Kay Oct 22, 08
  4. Michelle Oct 22, 08
  5. Melissa Oct 22, 08
  6. kaylene Oct 22, 08
  7. Michelle Oct 23, 08
  8. MomOf3(4ToB) Oct 23, 08
  9. Jan Oct 23, 08
  10. Melissa Oct 24, 08
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