September Sight Words

Let’s not talk about how it is almost the end of September.  It’s been a month, but I finally put together Parker’s September Sight Words.

Parker’s sight words don’t fall under the same definition of typical site words.  Instead we use them as a way to introduce new vocabulary as he learns to identify and recognize the new objects and their signs.  Each month I throw in a review word or two as well.

September Sight Words

I like to base Parker’s sight words on the seasons, the books we are reading, topics we are studying, as well as the objects he uses on a daily basis.  I try to aim for about 20 words a month.

September Sight Words

We start out with both the word and the picture.  I velcro the word to the picture and identify both the picture, word and sign.  We work until Parker can give me a specific word, taken off the picture,  out of a field of three.

sight words

Our school year has gotten off to a bit of a slow start.  We’re working to get caught up and back into the groove.  Overall its been good and can only get better!

How has school for your kids been going?  Any snags?  Anything you are especially pleased with?



  1. Jane Sep 21, 13
    • Tammy and Parker Sep 24, 13
  2. mamajoyx9 Sep 23, 13
    • Tammy and Parker Sep 24, 13
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