Sensory Schedule Benefits

We’ve been doing the sensory schedule for a few weeks now.  And you know what?  We are seeing results.  Not the wow! we did this once and the sensory stuff is solved results.  But results none the same.

Case in point.


You would think we were killing the kid each time he needed his hair cut.  Even Reed needed help keeping this Brave Hero somewhat still during a haircut.

Sensory Schedule

We’ve been using a vibrating tube around Parker’s head three times a day.  At first he hated it.  Then he realized that come what may that vibration around his head and ears was going to happen and he’d let the session take place crabbing at us in Parker Talk all the way.

This week it was time for another haircut.  My sweet friend comes and cuts Parker’s hair at home.

And guess what.

The kid didn’t go totally ba-zerk.

It was is best hair cut ev-ah.

No funky holes where he’d move when the shaver wasn’t expecting him to.

His neckline is…….gasp…….EVEN!

A little boy with Down syndrome getting his hair cut


We were even able to trim around his ears without duct taping the kid, mummy style, to the wall.

There was not a swear word to be heard.

Although Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was sung on auto-play.

At first we couldn’t figure out what had made such a difference possible.

Then it hit me.  The sensory schedule and the vibrating tube we put over his head and around his ears each day.

He stared out HATING it, and now kinda actually likes it.  Sorta.  Okay, a Mama can dream, can she not?

I’m thinking if this sensory break activity can help with haircuts……then maybe……just maybe it can help with tolerating hearing aides…….the kind that go around a kid’s head.

I know it’s still speculation.

I also know the relationship between speech and hearing.

Maybe I’ll up this sensory schedule activity to 4 times a day and see what happens.

So how does YOUR kid do with haircuts?



  1. Lisa Bailey Jun 7, 13
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