Saving money by shopping clearance.

One of my favorite past times while waiting for Spring to (finally!) arrive is to shop the clearance at a few of my local stores.  I don’t go out of my way like some people or check daily, I can’t afford the gas that would cost.  Still, saving money by shopping clearance is one way to really stretch a girl’s budget.

Some of the stores worth keeping an eye out on include:


Smith’s (Or in my area Smith’s Market Place/Fred Meyer)



TJ Maxx


I don’t shop after Christmas sales.  I wait until the end of January through the first of March as things are marked down to as much as 75% off the lowest price.

Yesterday the Curly Girly and I needed to make a run to Smith’s Market Place.  Ours ALWAYS has a few areas where they have their best closeout prices.  Yesterday they had towels, sheets, TOYS!, curtains, curtain rods, decor and other stuff all marked down to super low prices.

Smith’s had socks on super clearance, a few packages of which I grabbed. Winter PJs, a couple of pair of which I also grabbed….I think I paid $9.00 for two sets of jammies for the Blue Eyed Girl. She’s so tall that it is hard to find stuff long enough for her legs that seriously go on forever.  So that was really a great find.    Last summer I grabbed her flip flops for .99 cents each.  Decent ones too.

Our Smith’s always has a closeout section in both meats and where the cheese and lunch meat is.  I stocked up on pepperoni from there not too long ago, and have found other great deals in that area too.

I’ve found great deals on the day old shelves at both Smith’s and Walmart.  Usually there is a crowd around WalMart’s day old rack, so I’m obviously no the only one who knows about the great deals there.

Matches make great barter items!


Another great place to scope out clearance deals are the end caps of each department.  Yesterday there was an entire cart filled with BBQ stuff, including matches.  Now, I prefer matches in boxes, but for .49 for 50 books of matches I’ll make the sacrifice.  Matches are a great prepper’s item, btw.

Secret bought on clearance


Just a few steps away was an end cap showcasing Secret Deodorant for $1.89 each.  A coupon would have sweetened the deal, but I recognized this as a great price and snagged them up.

What about you?  Do you shop the closeouts and clearance shelves?  What treasures have you found?


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