Save The Date(s)!

May 28th and 29th!

I’ll be

Right here:

I'm Speaking at the CBC!

Okay. I know what you are thinking……that they must have been exceptionally desperate to invite HER to be on a panel at a blogging conference.

But, nope. I mean just look at the awesome that will  be speaking:



Prairie Mama!

Navel Gazing At It’s Finest

and so many more!

Okay, so I don’t know any of these women.

But come May 28? BFFs, Baby.

Each and every one.

You know, unless they have issues hanging out with someone old enough to be their Mother.

(Okay. I gotta quit killing my buzz like that.)

I’ll be speaking on this panel:

The Untypical Family: blogging through adoption, medical care, and special needs

And if nothing else, this is truly a field that I am an expert in.

I hope you’ll come up and introduce yourself.  I’d LOVE to meet you.

I’m thinking of handing out little pictures of Parker, signed with his handprint.

Cause while my kid may be a living, breathing miracle………he doesn’t know how to write his name yet.


  1. Seraphim Jan 7, 10
  2. Awesome Mom Jan 7, 10
  3. Erin Jan 7, 10
  4. Cathy Jan 7, 10
  5. paige Jan 7, 10
  6. Heather
    Jan 7, 10
  7. Barbara
    Jan 7, 10
  8. Lacey and Jax Jan 7, 10
  9. Redneck Mommy Jan 8, 10
  10. Regina Jan 8, 10
  11. Kristina P. Jan 8, 10
  12. Charlotte Jan 10, 10
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