Santa Claus and my kid with special needs.

Does your child with special needs understand the concept of Santa Claus?

It’s a question that has been weighing on me.

When it’s your job to bring the world to a medically fragile kid with special needs, introducing Santa Claus can be hard.

Parker sitting on Santa's Lap

One year Santa came to our HOUSE!


Taking Parker to the Mall to sit on the lap of a big round guy in a red suit after thousands of other kids have sat (and heaven only knows WHAT ELSE) in the same place just isn’t going to happen.

Parker’s GI was telling us of the studies they’ve done on the ties worn by Gastroenterologists.  Out of all the doctors in the hospital, a GI’s tie is the King of Germs.  There are terrifying things incubating on that piece of material hanging around a GI’s neck.

That’s how I view a Santa Suit.  A cesspool of disease for a medically fragile kid.


pictures of Santa Claus


We read books, and use pictures and participate in Santa crafts.  We watch movies staring the jolly dude.  Parker can identify Santa, but does he under stand who Santa is?

I think for Parker, Santa is a one dimensional idea.  He’s only sat on Santa’s lap once in real life, when a special Santa stopped by our house.  THAT was awesome!   I wish this Santa could visit every year.

I can’t ditch the thought that Parker’s missing out on the wonder and magic that defines old Saint Nick.

How have you brought the idea of Santa Claus alive for you child with special needs?









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