After telling pre-op that the stuff coming up from Parker’s trach was kinda gross, they told us it would be better if we rescheduled his cath.

I was worried last night about that being the right decision. But after his sats being in the low 90’s on 3 liters all night and what I am suctioning up out of his lungs this morning……I know it was.

I don’t know why these caths make me so stinking nuts. But they do. I was totally prepared to take him up this morning. I’m glad the decision was made not to. I’d much rather he be at 100% going into this procedure.

So we will reschedule for later. ugh.

And the first part of Parker’s PSARP has been scheduled for April. But that in itself is another issue from which I’d love to hide.



  1. Melissa Feb 1, 08
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