I taught fourth grade just down the hall from where you taught fifth grade.


Our first ‘date’ was spent talking over a KFC dinner.


Both of  us trying to reconcile our hearts after great disillusionment.    Our ability to trust shattered.   We found ourselves weighed down by the knowledge  that some dreams don’t end the way you had hoped.  That sometimes what you thought was real, isn’t.


Our wedding day fell on the first snow fall of the year.


I’ll admit to you being better with the finances if you’ll admit that there really is more than one way to cook a chicken.

Remember THAT?

Oh, and one last thing to remember………

I love you.

Forever and always.

Thank you for taking such  care of my heart as well as my trust.

24 years and still going strong.

Happy Anniversary Reed.

ps:  My toes?  STILL curled.  And I KNOW you remember that.


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