Puke, Poop and other things that go splat…

Parker was put on a 10 day course of Septra the Friday before last.

At about day 5 he started gagging and throwing up over his Nissen.


A c-diff test was ordered.  Two days went by.  And the results came back.


We went ahead and took Parker off the Septra.



By this time Parker was needing Zofran every 5 hours just to keep what was supposed to be in his stomach in there.

By Saturday he was off the Zofran and keeping Compleate down.  He was tired and pale, but keeping stuff down.

By Sunday night he was back to almost usual.

Monday morning (this morning) we started Parker back on his blenderized diet.

By this afternoon he has started back with the gagging and throwing up.   (And his diapers are still total looseness…..)

I’ve got a call into our Pedi.

It’s been three days with no Septra.

Could the Septra still be causing sick stomach issues?

Or do we need to get him back into General Surgery to have his Nissen reassessed?

Did I mention Bailey is getting married next week?


UPDATE: They want us up at PCMC tomorrow to reassess Parker’s Nissen.


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