Proud With Downs: I Am Just Like You

This will be the best 5 minutes of your day.

I promise.

I’d like to add one more beautiful, brave and amazing face to the beauty found above :


Parker Reed Hodson 11.19.04

This is why Parker and I blog here at Praying for Parker where each and everyday we strive to show the world the beauty and strength that resides within ‘different.’


  1. Lacey and Jax Jun 11, 09
  2. beverly Jun 11, 09
  3. toyfoto Jun 11, 09
  4. Laurie Jun 12, 09
  5. Cindy Jun 12, 09
  6. My Three Son's Jun 12, 09
  7. annb Jun 13, 09
  8. Maggie Mae Jun 13, 09
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