Prom and a Prayer

It seems like just yesterday that this young man was just a kid. Deep down inside I think he still is. But shouldn’t there always be a little bit of a kid in all of us?

A future Missionary

Friday was Prom.  He and the beautiful young lady next to him had a fantastic time.  It wasn’t that long ago when this middle son of mine was hauling his Barney around by the foot.  At least it doesn’t feel that long ago.

Prom 2013

I’ve been referring to these two as Malibu Ken and Barbie.  You don’t notice the spray tans in the picture as much as you do in real life.  heh.  His date is just as gorgeous in real life as she is in pictures.

High School Prom 2013

His Mission Call is due (for sure) this week.  I’m thinking he’s going to follow his big brother and spend two years in Cali.  They’ll be very lucky to have him.

Parker has the dreaded cardiologist appointment Monday.  There’s an EKG on tap.  Would you please keep our Hero in your prayers and that we might leave after that EKG with a bit of encouragement in our hearts?

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