Producing More While Consuming Less: A Frugal Lifestyle

If I could, I’d turn all of my lawn into garden.

Reed, however, not so much.

I’d love a few chickens running around my backyard.

Parker’s Pulmonologist shot that idea down in a flash.  Something about chicken dust and trachs and trashed lungs not a healthy kid making.

But there are things I can do.  Like learn to get by with what I have.  You know: use it up, wear it  out, make do, or do without.

Become a producer rather than a consumer alone.


A scavenger….hello, Freecycle.


Did you know you can make bread in these?

An opportunist….so if I let you borrow my wheat grinder you’ll teach me how to make cheese?

Learn to understand the value of sharing.

I am part of a community that offers up what they no longer need in terms of medical supplies.  I am often able to get what Parker requires without engaging his quickly dwindling  insurance reserves.

When Parker’s formula was changed I was able to offer up the just delivered cases of the old type to someone else in need. Outgrown kid clothes can be given to another.  Something that I no longer use may be the very thing someone else is in need of.

I choose to cloth diaper and use cloth wipes.  I never  worry about  finding money for disposables each month, thus removing me from at least that part of repeated consumerism.

By knowing that organic millet and brown rice are cheap, nutritious, and easy to make, I can provide grains for my family for very little per serving.


Organic Chick Peas

Since I understand that lentils and beans are high in protein and cost much less than meat, I know I can stay well within my budget for Parker’s blenderized diet, while still providing what he needs for a well balanced daily intake.

Losing my fear of looking cheap or my embarrassment of seeming poor has opened up new opportunities.

I know I can walk up to a neighbor whose  tree has produced fruit that is ready to pick, and ask if I could barter some of their fruit for items from my garden.

Thus creating an abundance for us both without engaging in a traditional economy.

Believe it or not, there is more to life than just working, consuming and then dying.

There are more types of wealth than just dollars, or a balance in a bank, as many under and unemployed Americans are discovering.


Sharing, bartering, making  useful from what to others deem useless, gardening, and rediscovering the old ways, allows us to create magic on budgets never before so tight.


It’s finding freedom in unexpected ways.

Recognizing what is really important verses what is advertised as being such.

It’s finding courage and a strength you never before believed you had.

There’s a whole new world of adventure for those who are tired of the usual.

And I’d love to hear some of your adventures in the comment section below.

(I’ll soon be posting about of these solutions that recently opened up for us with Masimo, the maker of Parker’s pulse ox monitor.)


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