Here is my sportsaholic Micky who is not only playing softball at LPHS but also playing in one of their basketball tourneys right now too!á= She had both a softball game and a basketball game today.á= She also pulls a 4.0 and plays the flute beautifully!á= I wish I were so talented!

If you put one of my HS pictures up next to McCall’s you would see how much we look alike.

Yes, there was actually a time when I was that skinny.á= sigh….

Can you guess what her number is?á= hee,hee

She just tried out for the Summer team.á= They tried her out on 3rd base which I think freaked her out for a minute.á= But she is such an excellent fielder and can hit the ball any where she chooses.á= I don’t think she will have a problem making the team!

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