Practicing Halloween

When my older kids were little thoughts of Halloween began sometime in August.  What they wanted to be changed daily. As the pumpkins in the garden turned orange and the air turned chilly, my kids were making plans with friends to come to our house for pizza and then have Reed walk them to different neighborhoods to gather their sweet loot.

That’s not exactly how it plays out with Parker.

It’s not just that Parker was sick the first 4 of his Halloweens.

Or the fact that that Parker can’t eat candy.

It has much more to do with the fact that Parker HATES to dress up.

I found this fantastic astronaut costume at Costco last month.  I bought it big enough to go over a set of sweats in case Halloween night is cold.


Too bad Parker hates it. 

So we’ve been practicing for Halloween.   I have a picture of Parker in his costume out where he can see it daily.   Every few days we put him in his costume in hopes of him getting used to it.  I’m reviewing old ASL signs for Halloween and I’ve added a few new ones too.  We’re reading Halloween stories and soon I plan on walking around the neighborhood to point out the decorations too.

But that doesn’t mean that come October 31st Parker won’t be going as himself.  The cutest Brave Hero ever.  sigh.

What do you do with your special needs kids for Halloween?  Do they like to dress up?  How do you teach them about, and engage them in the festivities?



  1. Petra Oct 11, 11
    • Tammy and Parker Oct 11, 11
  2. Suzanne Oct 11, 11
    • Tammy and Parker Oct 11, 11
  3. Barbara
    Oct 11, 11
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