Potty Training a Kid with Special Needs

It started with Parker taking off his wet diapers and bringing them to us.

“Look Mom, I made it myself!” his big grin seemed to say.


Somebody needs some Potty Training 101.

It’s moved on to taking his diaper off before he pees and grinning ear to ear as he shoots his stream across the family room.

I’m thinking a certain Brave Hero may be ready to start potty training.

I’ll be honest, potty training hasn’t been as high on my list as keeping this kid alive has.

What can I say?

But then it hit me.  It’s been 11 years since I’ve had to convince anyone to make the hike to the potty when nature calls.

And I’m in need of some ideas.

I’m hoping you have some.

Is there a difference in potty training a kid with special needs?


  1. Beth Jan 4, 11
    • Tammy & Parker Jan 4, 11
  2. Mum2brady Jan 4, 11
    • Tammy & Parker Jan 4, 11
  3. Trish
    Jan 4, 11
  4. kadiera
    Jan 4, 11
  5. Sky Jan 4, 11
    • Tammy & Parker Jan 4, 11
  6. Charlotte Mayo Jan 4, 11
  7. Scarehaircare Jan 4, 11
  8. Chris Jan 5, 11
  9. KDL
    Jan 6, 11
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