Post Op Day 1

Last night was rough. At about 2:30 a.m. Parker decided to drop his O2 sats. Long story short: he wound up on a CPAP (via his trach) to help him over come this ‘actue PH related event.’ Surgery can make for a rough time for a little one with PH. So far we have avoided needing N2O or any other meds. And if at 2:00 p.m. his sats are still looking as good as they have so far today then they will put Parker back on a trach mask which simply delivers his usual amount of O2 and some humidity.

And then we start praying that this same acute event doesn’t start over.

The Nurse was incredible. The Fellow amazing. The Resident S.U.C.K.E.D. And she wasn’t pleased when I told her that letting Parker’s sats just hang out where they were (low) on such a high amount of O2 was totally unacceptable last night. Especially when Parker’s cardiologist had left a written message to CALL HIM in case of just such an event. But, as it would have made the Resident feel as though she wasn’t capable of handling this situation, she refused to call. Until I…uh….found the Fellow. Who agreed with me. And called.

Add my name to the list of yet another Resident who wishes I would just fall off the face of the earth. Eh. She can just deal with it. You gotta have what it takes if you want to play at Parker’s party.

And I will add that it was nice to hear the other professionals in the room make the comment that one should ALWAYS listen to the Mom. The Mom ALWAYS knows. (Emphasis added by The Mom)

Due the sheer strength of Parker’s will, they have had to add Ativan to his med list. No mere Versat or Morphine can keep this Momma’s boy down. Being aggitated isn’t good for one’s PH levels and so they have needed to keep Parker zonked out. He has whacked the crap out of more than one poor soul with his No-No board today. He waits until they just get close enough and BOP! Another medical professional totally humiliated. I’m pretty sure that Parker is indeed keeping score. You know, just to help the time go by faster. hee,hee :)

Go Team Parker!

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