Poop is a 4-Letter Word

Yesterday we got to take a field trip to Provo to visit Dr. Oz, Parker’s infectious disease specialist. Worry not, Parker doesn’t have anything contagious, unless you count cuteness….heh.

We went because of the never ending sinus infection and what the antibiotics are doing to Parker’s stomach.

It’s grim, people. Grim to the point of me telling Dr. Oz’s nurse that I was worried about getting Parker to this appointment with out an explosive incident.

Or several.

I have collected a LOT of poop samples over the last few weeks.

According to Dr. Oz, 80% of anything diagnosed as a sinus infection really isn’t.

Which translates into Dr. Oz thinking what Parker is presenting with isn’t a sinus infection after all.

I tend to disagree. However, I don’t have the many little letters positioned behind my last name.

But we do have a plan. Kinda. Unfortunately anytime one uses ‘kinda’ in the same sentence as ‘plan’ when talking about my kid’s health, it’s a wee bit nervous making.

We stopped all antibiotics yesterday. They are simply ruining Parker’s stomach. We now wait to see if the suspected sinus infection comes back. When we see green snot, we take Parker to the Pedi to affirm that the supposed sinus infection has indeed returned.

Yesterday Parker’s nose was running clear. Today it is opaque. I give it three days max to run green.

Then the fun starts.

We go and get a sedated sinus/head CT. If we see packed pus in those sinuses,  it is off to the OR to scope them while under a general anesthetic.

From there we hope we can discern what kind of bacteria is growing in the Brave Hero’s sinus cavities and then we start up the antibiotics in either IV or PICC line form.

I’m pretty sure we are dealing with sinus infections that are the result of Parker’s seasonal allergies that due to Parker’s teeny little nasal cavities creates the perfect incubator for all kinds of terrifying crud.

Never a boring moment at Parker’s house, eh?

I’m trying to look on the bright side. Getting the sinus issues under control means less snot aspiration, which means less assault on Parker’s lungs, which means better for his PH levels.

Where would we be without bright sides?


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