Poop, A Plan and Prayers



The Poop: Parker’s bowels are back in hyper overdrive. We go a few days where things are looking better only to turn around and be back at square one….. never ending bowel movements that could peel the paint off the walls.

Parker’s been tested for everything, and come back clean. We are on our way up for Take 2 of Parker’s CT scan and while we are there Parky will be giving more blood for more tests.


The Plan: After what has felt like weeks of herding cats, we’ve finally decided to put the whole BRAVO testing on the back burner until Parker’s GI comes back in July from his surgery. Parker’s surgery isn’t scheduled until August, so we have that time.

Right now we need to solve the mystery of what’s coming out of Parker, and how to make it normal again. Cause if there is anything this stuff isn’t, is normal.

That brings us to

The Prayers:

This poop issue has now been going on for two months. We keep waiting and doing all the things we’ve been instructed, with little, if any, results.

We need answers and a solid plan of attack.  If you have the time today could you spare a moment to send up a prayer, good vibes, positive thoughts, directly to the Big Guy in our little guy’s behalf?

Thank you.


  1. Barbara
    Jun 20, 12
  2. mamajoyx9 Jun 20, 12
  3. Jess Jun 20, 12
  4. Jenny - Sugar Loco
    Jun 21, 12
  5. Lavender Luz Jun 21, 12
  6. Genevieve Thul @ Turquoise Gates Jun 22, 12
  7. Mrs. Mac Jul 15, 12
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