Playing Catch Up

We had one of these:


That’s McCall and her date.  Do Reed and I make beautiful babies, or what?  Just sayin’.


We are still working on colors.  Parker can sort and match them, now we are working on signing and speaking the color and having him give us the proper flashcard.  Or bear bead.  Or colored noodle.  Or…..  Well, you get the idea.


I’m focusing on red and yellow first.  I used paint sample cards from our local Wally World.  (I spend zillions of dollars a month there with Parker’s meds.  )

NACD is kinda big on flashcards and reviewing them several times a day.   Fast and quick.


We are also teaching Parker to recognize his name.  A very beginning in our quest to teach him how to read.


The Brave Hero is feeling better. Still lots of junk in his lungs, but nothing we can’t take care of ourselves.

For that and for your prayers we are so very grateful.


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