Pinewood Derby

Turning 9 years old brings a lot of excitement, not the least being able to compete in the Pinewood Derby.  I remember my other boys working to put together a car that had the secret combination to beat all the other cars out there.  Unfortunately, Parker got stuck with me making his car for him.  Poor kid.


pinewood derby


So where does a clueless Mom go to find the stuff to jazz up her kid’s pinewood derby car? Why her local Michaels store of course.  I already had the paint, I just needed something to make Parker’s pinewood derby car stand out.  They have a small section for model cars at Michaels but I didn’t want to spend a lot on this activity.


pinewood derby car

I found some self stick silver tape and an inexpensive page of self stick alphabet letters in the scrapbooking section.  Scrapbooking.  Oh how I remember thee.  sigh.

Anyway.  Back to my story.

boy scouts and kids with special needs

I wanted there to be something totally Parker on this car, so I had him put his fingerprints on the side in white paint.  He wasn’t feeling well that day and wasn’t all that thrilled to have to do this.

I decided to leave good enough alone and hoped this car would be good enough.


Yeah.  There’s always an except in my life.

I didn’t have any weights to glue to the bottom of the car and we didn’t get the graphite on the wheels.


Parker wasn’t able to attend the actual pinewood derby.  He wasn’t feeling that well and I keep him home during the sick season.  The flu has hit our area hard, and I choose to not take chances with a certain Brave Hero’s health.

Instead of racing the car himself, Parker had a buddy race it for him.  A little boy too young to participate in the derby with his own raced a car for a kid to medically fragile to attend.  Worked out beautifully.

most stellar pinewood derby car

So by naming Parker’s car the Brave Hero, am I demeaning and marginalizing him AND the car?   heh.

Parker came in 7th out of 13 racers.  Not too shabby for having to rely on his Mom who was pretty clueless on how to take care of the details.

Yup.  I love me a happy ending and this was certainly one of those.

Do you have a kid in with special needs that participates in the scouting program? 

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