Pine Cone Bird Feeders: A Tutorial

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Remember my post on how to bring the world to your kid when your kid can’t go into the world?

Well, this activity is one to help bring that world a little closer to your kid.


We’re making pine cone bird feeders!


We proceeded this activity with a unit on birds.  And included our alphabet letter of the week: B


The long red thing? With the letter B on the bottom. You use these when play with play dough. It embosses the letter into the dough. Fun!


The first thing I did was to tie some yarn to the top of the pine cones. This will serve as our ‘hanger’.


Next comes a layer of peanut butter. While Parker can do this alone, we have to always have a pair of hands shadowing his.

Or else this happens.


We are still dealing with Parker wanting to throw things. He’s fast. And he was in RARE form today. grrrr…..


His face covered in peanut butter, Parker works hard to roll his pine cone in the bird seed.


Because my goal of this activity was to bring the goal the birds closer to Parker, I hung the pine cone bird feeders from the railing of our back porch steps.


The door to our back porch is a glass door. Parker LOVES to hang out by this window and wistfully look at his play set.

Hopefully now he can spend his time waiting for Spring meeting some fine feathered friends!

PS: Imagine Childhood has this Window Bird Feeder that I’ve been drooling over.  I think it would be another excellent way to bring the birds to a medically fragile child with special needs.

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