The Education of One Brave Hero

What are you doing to for learning activities at your house? Share some ideas with us! Know of some great websites? Just finished a great art project?  Got a great learning unit going on?

I could really use some great ideas on ladybugs.

We’ve been taking pictures. Pictures of just about all of Parker’s stuff. Each day we present him with two or three pictures each representing  an item on his schedule for the day.


Block building? Markers? Trains? Stringing beads? Matching?




Parker can then choose which activity he wants to participate first. This helps to develop both speech and cognitive skills. It also gives Parker the feeling of having control of what goes on in his day.

The control is still really mine. It’s all more of an illusion. But, hey, it’s worked great with Reed the last 20-odd years.

But, shhhh. Let’s make this our little secret. k?

Did you know that a great way to cement a new concept into a cute little mind is to give a kid a chance to do a movement activity afterwards?

Something like swinging.


Or bouncing. On a great big ball.

Right now we are working hard on getting Parker to identify and sign the colors yellow and red by handing the yellow or red item to us when we ask and for it.

This is the outline we’ve been following:

Level One

*Present two choices. We are using yellow and red.

*Ask child to “Give me (red), please.”

*Wait five seconds.


*Wait five seconds.

*Top the right hand object (in our case the color red), then repeat “Give me (red) please.”

*Wait five seconds.

*Then proceed to hand over hand.

Level Two

*Switch the placement of the two items. Repeat level 1.

Level Three

*Put the two colors down in front of your child. This time you will repeat the steps in Level One, except asking for the other object. (If I had been asking for red first, I would be now asking for yellow.)

*When one color is mastered use the first color (the one mastered) and present every other color one at a time consistently asking for the target color.

This stragegy can be used when learning almost anything. Shapes. Animals. Colors. etc.

I like the step by step approach it takes. Mastering one skill and then adding to it. It matches perfectly with my educational OCD.

Hey. We all have our weird.


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