Physical Therapy: Bounce House Style

It’s been a summer full of sinus infections, right heart caths, and allergies.

But the cath is over, the antibiotics have kicked in, and it’s time to have a bit of fun before the summer is all but over.

But where does one go when it’s 98 degrees outside?

Why to the local Bounce House, of course. Fun and physical therapy all wrapped into one. How great is that.

You should have seen us as we made our way in. I figured that with school now in session we would be the only ones there……and we were.

Me. Parker. Parker’s nurse. An oxygen bottle. 50 feet of oxygen tubing.  Container of sanitizing wipes. A change of clothes for when we headed back home.

We know how to party, baby.

When you’ve lived so much of your life inside trying to avoid the ever common circling of the drain health wise, you have to be taught how to use certain things.

Like Bounce Houses.

So we hoisted ourselves up and started bouncing. Parker was in heaven. He LOVES to bounce.

Then he noticed the slides. Slides are something this kid knows all about.

Having fun as therapy. What a concept.


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