In all the resumes I’ve ever created I realized that I never once listed ‘Persistence’ as one of my skills.

Cause my ability to be persistent as a Mama to a medically fragile kid with special needs has been a life saving skill.

Okay. In all truthfulness, I’m sure there are those that would declare what I call ‘being persistent’ as being a rip roaring pain in the a*s. It all depends on what side of the kid you are on I guess.

Me? I’m all about meeting Parker’s needs and providing him with a quality life.

And this is where my persistence pays off.

When trying to keep a kid like Parker alive, being being too polite often finds you at the end of a very long line of forgotten kids.

Being persistent, however, can be an important game changer when trying to keep a kid alive.

Along with that persistence you are going to need a really tough skin for those who consider you merely a pain in their a*s.

I’ll be eternally grateful for all the PITAs who came before us and raised the cry of challenge when faced with the status quo. I hope that I’ll always have the courage to speak out when someone tries to confine Parker within the confines of ‘how it’s always been done.’

Blazing new trails. It’s what this kid was born to do.


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    Aug 24, 12
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