Parker’s Momma Wears Army Boots

Warrior Mother.  Yeah.  That pretty much describes me.  Along with thousands of other Mom’s who have kids with special needs.

There are times when you simply have to lace up your boots and march head first into battle.  That has been my experience this week while trying to get Parker’s new vent delivered and set up with it’s proper settings.

I started out politely.  Really.  But by this morning enough was enough.  Especially when it was mentioned that perhaps this new vent and it’s latest technology should go to a child in greater need.

Uh.  Come Again?

I’ve got a kid who’s quality time includes circling the drain on a regular basis, and you’re gonna tell me that there is someone who may need this vent more?

I begged to differ.  Vehemently.

After much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth on both sides of the battlefield, I received a call from an RT today letting me know that he was on his way down to set up Parker’s new vent.

Prayers answered.

Score one for the Momma wearing Army boots.


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