Parker’s Dad. He ROCKS.

The last two days has found Reed at a Leadership Conference for Alpine School District Elementary Administrators.

Reed is a natural born leader. In situations where I would have simply ripped someone’s head off, Reed has the ability to turn events into win-win situations.

While some men like to boast of their accomplishments, Reed tends to deflect his.

That’s because Reed believes in what he is doing, is committed to it, and has a strong sense of self that simply doesn’t need the affirmation sought in boasting and bragging.

I guess you could say he is the strong, silent type.

During the Leadership Conference, each Principal was asked to participate in an activity that put into pictures their goals and dreams.

Reed’s finished product looked like this:


He added this to represent his hopes of one day no longer needing to go into such deep debt with medical bills.

There is always great worry about how we will afford Parker’s medical needs at our house.


This represents his desire for our Missionary son, Brant to return home safely. This amazing young man of ours has spent the last several months dodging bullets in Compton, Ca.


‘Believe’ is kind of our family motto. We believe and have faith that one day Parker will be a healthy, strong little boy able to walk and live life without the need to be tethered to an oxygen tank.

But the next example reminded me of why I love this man of mine so much.

During the conference, a Principal made the remark about something being ‘so retarded.’

A Principal. Someone who works with kids. Professionally.

The ‘R’ word is something Reed takes great exception to. Especially when used to described something stupid, dumb or to be looked down upon.

So as part of this activity, Reed included this:


And then, in front of the entire group of administrators, and Alpine School District Big Wigs, explained how he felt about the ‘R’ word.

In true leadership style.

By example.

Parker, you’ll never have to worry. Cause your Dad, he’s got your back.


14 days and counting until the second part of Parker’s PSARP surgery. Teeny Tiny Designer Hiney here we come.


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